Monday, October 24, 2005

5 questions

Here are my 5 questions about the O'C

1-Where did Marissa made some new friends?
A- at the newport union

2-What did happen between Ryan and Marissa?
A-They had a separation

3-Who did land in newport with new ideas?
A-Kirsten's friend Charlotte

4-Who did land Summer in troubles?
A-Seth and Dean

5-Who did mulls over the future of the Newport group?
A- Sandy

Monday, September 26, 2005

another tv show

Last tuesday I watched the O.C. on ctv.I decided to watched this tv show after a few of my classmates did their blogs on that.It was good but I didn't understand everything!I will try to resume that episod for you.First of all it was a girl who had problems with her parents I think but I'm not sure and to be honest I didn't understand what was her problems!After it had a guy on hospital,I think that he had a car accident or something like that.A girl came to see him but he wasn't happy by this visit,I think it was his ex-girlfriend but here again i'm not sure.I don't know why but after this visit he escape from hospital and he took the bus to get out of the town,and a friend just came as he took the bus but they didn't had the chance to talk anymore.So I think that he was going to get a new life somewhere else.That is the resume for this episod,I'll try to understand more for the next week!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

TV show

5 PM Tuesday to Friday
CBC television

The Simpsons is the world's most popular cartoon family.Since over 10 years,now,the world has liked to watch the life of Homer,Marge,Bart,Lisa,Maggie and all the people in the little American town of Springfield.Homer is the father of the family and he is one of the humans with the least intelligence that the earth has carried!Marge is the mother and she’s the voice of reason for the entire family.Bart is the elder brother of the family and he’s always doing bad blow.Lisa is the brain of the family she knows about everything and she’s cultivated.Maggie is the young baby,she doesn’t talk so she’s the least important member of the family.Each day the entire town of Springfield has new adventures so it’s very interesting to watch every episode.